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Preparing an Emergency Roadside Kit

By November 16, 2022Personal Insurance

Slippery or snow-covered roads, reduced visibility, and bitter cold: these are all conditions that can make driving difficult and even dangerous during cold weather months. Winter also brings an increased risk of getting stuck in your car, so dress warmly before heading out.

First Aid Kit

Every driver should have a first aid kit with everything from an assortment of band-aid sizes, eyewash, antiseptic spray, burn spray, antibiotic ointment, first aid handbook, tweezers, pain relief tablets, sterile gauze, adhesive tape, ammonia wipes, alcohol pads, wire scissors, gloves, ice pack, multipurpose splint, blood stopper compress and more.

Tow Straps

Even if everyone could have four-wheel drive vehicles, there could still be that one situation where your vehicle is simply stuck.

Jumper Cables

Cars experiencing electrical issues could be remedied with a simple jump. Jumper cables should be at least 10 feet long.

Reflective Triangles

Reflective triangles help communicate that there is an emergency up ahead. Why is this important? Other drivers might exercise caution when approaching your location allowing you to move with ease to remedy your automotive issue.

Multipurpose Utility Tool

In the event of an emergency, it almost always comes down to the simplest task. If only you had the right tool. A multipurpose tool assures that you never have that dilemma.

Duct Tape

No matter what’s broken duct tape is the temporary fixer-upper you need to have on hand.


A blanket doesn’t make sense to you until you need to use one. Need to get under your pickup to check for leaks after your car stalls on the side of the road? A blanket can easily be a barrier between you and the elements under your truck.


A good lantern is a priceless resource in the dark. If you are performing work around your vehicle or alerting other drivers of your location, a well-lit flashlight is a critical tool to have in your roadside kit.

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